When is it Time to Call for Air Conditioning Fixers in Cairns? How to Tell When You Need Repairs or Servicing

When the summer heats up, and you can't quite believe what the thermometer says, air conditioning isn't a luxury; it's almost a necessity! Whether you like a cool bedroom for sleeping or you just want to take the edge off the midday heat, air conditioners get the job done — until they don't. It's an unfortunate fact of life that there will inevitably come a time when your AC stops working. Sometimes it seems it waits until the hottest part of the day before leaving you without any defence from the heat. When that happens, it's time to phone for air conditioning repairs in Cairns.

It isn't always so easy to tell that there's a problem, though. Maybe you've just noticed that your air conditioning isn't as cold as it once was, or perhaps it's unexpectedly driving up your power bill. Knowing when to ring for experienced fixers is important, especially when there's the opportunity to conduct preventative maintenance to stop a problem from becoming worse. Besides the obvious situations, such as a unit that won't power on, what are some other warning signs that you might need air conditioning servicing at your Cairns home? Here are some of the things to keep in mind.

Three signs it's time to call for air conditioning repairs in Cairns

  1. You're finding moisture where there should be none. This is often a sign of a clogged drain pipe, an overflowing drain pan, or any number of other issues with your air conditioning. Repairs for this type of problem will target the systems for handling condensation first. This is an important fix, as it can prevent mould and mildew from growing in your home.
  2. You see ice appearing on AC piping. Air conditioning pipes can freeze when the blower fan does not move air through the system as it should, along with some other problems. It can rapidly deplete your refrigerant if left unchecked; meanwhile, your house won't cool!
  3. You smell strange and unpleasant odours emanating from your unit. This may indicate faulty wiring or the presence of mould within the unit. Ring us straight away to receive service and advice on an issue like this. You may need to replace your unit in some severe cases — but our fixers always look for ways to attempt servicing first.

Book with PJ Electrical Services at your convenience

When you spot one of the signs above, it's a good sign that you'll need servicing for your air conditioner sooner or later. Taking the first step towards repairs now can help prevent you from experiencing sleepless, sweaty nights. We'll treat your home with the same level of respect we would our own — after all, as one of our clients, you are like family to our team! We'll strive to make you feel cared for from the start of our process to the very end. To arrange a visit from our air conditioner fixers at your Cairns home, please ring us on (07) 4053 6223 or use our online booking form today.



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