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It’s no secret that Cairns has hot, humid summers where the temperature will rise above 30°C on more than a few occasions. On those days when the temperatures make it uncomfortable to be outdoors having air conditioning in your home can make a real difference in your comfort level. If the air conditioning breaks down, however, or doesn’t seem to be operating as efficiently as it should it’s important to find a company that will fix it promptly and professionally.

PJ Electrical and Air Conditioning Services offer outstanding air conditioning service in Cairns. Our 30 years of service in the area means we have developed a base of satisfied clients who know they can trust us to deliver quality service with a smile. Our master electricians are trained to work with many brands of air-conditioners and appliances which means we can get your house feeling cool again as quickly as possible.

Providing air conditioning services in Cairns for many years

Air conditioning came to Australia for the first time in the 1940s. Invented in America in 1902, the first air conditioning machines were huge contraptions designed to cool industrial settings such as printing plants. As the years went by and the technology improved, air conditioners became smaller and more suited to be used by homeowners and smaller businesses. Today about half the homes in Australia have air conditioning with use being significantly higher in the warmer southern states.

If there is a downside to air conditioning, it is that it can be expensive to use. If you have an air conditioner in your home and you want to reduce your electrical bill, regular maintenance is a necessity. Not only will routine maintenance help you save money but it means it’s much less likely that your air conditioning will break down leaving you and your family uncomfortably hot and sweaty and your home stuffy and humid. That’s why when you’re looking for air conditioning services in Cairns you should seek out a firm with years of experience and a team of master electricians who will promptly respond to your emergency.

Worth a call

Whether your building is domestic, commercial, or industrial when you need Cairns air conditioning fixers give us a call. Our trained and professional staff has experience in working with all major brands of air-conditioners, large and small. We can install, maintain, or repair an air conditioner for you. All our staff receives ongoing training which keeps them up to date on ways to improve service.

When you ask us to come to your home or business and repair your air conditioner, we will keep you informed throughout the process. Our team will treat you with courtesy and respect and answer any question you may have. We know that reliable communication is the key to building a trusted relationship. When you need a top-notch air conditioning service in Cairns that will deliver a fast turnaround and hassle-free service call PJ Electrical and Air Conditioning Services.



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