Commercial Air Condition Installations, Service, Repairs in Cairns

Australian summers days can occasionally top more than 40°C. Fortunately most industries and businesses use air conditioning to keep their offices cool ensuring their employees can work a normal day. When that air conditioning breaks down, however, it can create real problems for any business. Temperatures rise, the air gets stuffy, and it creates very unpleasant work conditions. It’s important that any commercial air conditioning unit receives regular maintenance and repairs as quickly as possible when there is a problem.

When you’re looking for a top-notch commercial air conditioning service in Cairns, choose PJ Electrical and Air Conditioning Services. With 30 years of service in the Cairns area, our top-notch technicians can service your air conditioning unit, repair it when broken or even install a new one if you so desire. When you need commercial air conditioning repairs, service or installation in Cairns we are the ones to call.

Doing commercial air conditioning repairs promptly

The first commercial air conditioners were developed in Buffalo, New York in the United States but they were not demonstrated as a useful innovation until the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904. The technology first came to Australia in the 1940s. In 1994 about one-quarter of Australian homes and businesses used air conditioning. These days it’s more than half with the numbers varying by region. For instance, almost 70% those who live in southern Australia have aircon.

Named one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century by historians, commercial air conditioning changed the way Australians worked. Previously people would work early in the day and then later in the evening while shuttering their businesses during the hottest hours of the afternoon. Air conditioning enabled the 9 to 5 day as it is known in the rest of the industrialised working world. While the efficiency of air conditioning units has substantially increased in the past few decades, they are still a drain on the nation’s electrical network. It would be hard to think of living or working in the hot, humid summer climate of Cairns without it.

One solution to the high cost of electricity in Australia is to power air conditioning using solar energy. Solar power is not only environmentally friendly but economically very wise. That way you can turn that hot sun into your partner helping you save money while keeping you cool at the same time. When you need commercial air conditioning installation in Cairns think about using switching to solar as well.

All your electrical needs

PJ Electrical and Air Conditioning Services cannot only install, maintain and repair that much-needed air conditioning unit at your business, but we also do solar installations. We can reduce your electricity bill through the proper maintenance of your commercial air conditioning unit and then further reduce your costs by helping your business switch to solar. When you need commercial air conditioning repairs or commercial air conditioning installations in Cairns call us.



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