Quality Electrical Installations, Services, Repairs in Cairns

In this modern-day, there are three things that every homeowner wishes they could find: a car mechanic who will do quality repairs and not charge an arm and a leg, a handyman who will fix the little problems around your house at a reasonable cost. Also, a reliable electrician for when an electrical problem develops with an appliance or the grid in your home and not ruin your budget.

While we can’t help fulfilling the first two wishes mentioned above, we can help with the third one. PJ Electrical and Air Conditioning Services offers quality and professional electrical services in Cairns. We believe in building relationships with our clients that last many years. We want them to know that they can trust us to deliver prompt and efficient service at a competitive price. A homeowner can count on our 30 years of experience for a quick turnaround done by a team of professional and courteous master electricians.

When you need electrical repairs in Cairns

While most people may at one time or another try tinkering with their car or doing some minor carpentry or small repairs in their home, few people try to do their own electrical repairs - nor should they. An electrical problem is not something that the untrained homeowner should attempt to fix. It is dangerous on many levels not only for the home, but more so for the individual attempting the repairs. Even if they don’t electrocute themselves, which is always a risk, a poorly done job could lead to continued electrical problems and even potentially a fire.

It is true that people are sometimes wary of contacting a company that can do electrical repairs in Cairns. Perhaps they worry about the cost or how quickly the work will be done. This may be even more so the case when the need is for electrical installation in Cairns. No one wants to hear “We’ll try to fit you in our schedule somewhere” when they need to get a new air conditioner installed in the middle of summer. Both homeowners and those operating businesses want to find an electrical company that they can count on every time to deliver quality service at a competitive price.

A company you can trust

We want to be the company you can trust for electrical services in Cairns. We have experience working with all the key brands in every kind of electrical appliance. No electrical job is too big or too small. We can also show you how to reduce your overall electrical bill by using solar. We can maintain, repair and install a solar system for your home or business that will provide the electricity you need at a cost that will make you smile.

Our team of master electricians are professional and experienced but easy-going. We will treat you and your home with respect. When you want to find that company with which you can build a long-term trusted relationship for all your electrical issues call us today.



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